Multiple Wireless Networks in windows Vista & XP

  Nickelback1 09:46 18 Nov 07

Under Windows Explorer - Microsoft Windows Networks, I have duplicated networks with one digit different
How do I remove the unwanted one ?
Also my laptops running XP cannot access my Vista Home desktop to file share - no permissions ?
How do I resolve this - already spent 4 hours this morning on it & still no further ahead Lol !

  BurrWalnut 10:06 18 Nov 07

I think this will remove unwanted networks. Wireless Networks Tab > Right-click the one not wanted and > Remove.

To share on the Vista machine make sure in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center you have Password Protected Sharing ticked as ‘off’. Also, make sure Network Discovery and File Sharing are both ‘on’.

  Nickelback1 11:13 18 Nov 07

Which networks networks tab do you mean ?
I have alreadt tried the Vista solution & it will not turn off, you can put the dot next to it to unable, apply & it just stays on ?

  Nickelback1 15:49 18 Nov 07

Hi, anyone got any suggestions please?

  mgmcc 12:04 19 Nov 07

If you mean you have duplicated "Workgroups" with one digit different in "My Network Places", make sure all computers are in the correct Workgroup and the wrongly named one should eventually disappear.

  Nickelback1 13:08 19 Nov 07

mgmcc, thanks for the reply & yes I did mean that.
I really wanted to sort it as I have a permissions problem - my Vista desktop can see & access the files on my XP laptops on the wireless network - but my laptops cannot get permission to access the files on the Vista desktop ?
Any suggestions ?

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