Multiple Virus Attacks

  obi wan 10:44 29 Oct 03

Windows XP, Outlook XP, AVG 6 free.

I have been getting Virus alerts from avg at least 10 times every day for the past couple of days. Mainly described as from Microsoft or MS and named Patch exe or Installation.exe or Pack.exe and similar. Each time AVG picks them up and I delete them. Soon after they are back.

I have read some other threads and have downloaded Stinger, turned off System restore, scaneed and found nothing.

Is there something more I can do? Would appreciate any advice.

  Terrahawk 10:58 29 Oct 03

your alerts are probably on the incoming email providing you dont execute the file you should be ok just delete the offending email(s)

  VoG II 11:00 29 Oct 03

Yep, as Terrahawk suggests.

Plus, turn System Restore back on. You only need to turn this off if you actually have a virus "stuck" in a restore point.

  Proxy Worm 11:36 29 Oct 03

I have had similar threats due to email (as Terrahawk said). Just delete them and it should cure the proble. Another thing have you downloaded any security patches lately for e.g. Ms blaster?

  obi wan 11:36 29 Oct 03

Thanks, System Restore back on. Deleted 5 virus since first post, really is getting annoying now. Is someone targeting me on purpose? I guess not since they are sent to customer or client or partner or consumer etc.Arghhh!

  The Spires 11:43 29 Oct 03

Don't open the mails, delete them straight away, Microsoft NEVER send virus alerts or updates of any kind by mail. The more youi open the more infections you will get & the more mails you will receieve. If you havent go to the windows update site and download any Critical updates there are, the other updates are not important.

  obi wan 11:48 29 Oct 03

I am fully updated and dont open the mails. The problem is the volume of them. Why just in the last few days?

  johnnyrocker 15:00 29 Oct 03

just a thought maybe some colleagues with your address in their system maybe infected?



  Mutant_Llama 15:03 29 Oct 03

I too had the problem with the frequency of these false emails. After a while (I set the emails to IGNORE SENDER so I would not receive them from the same source again)the slowed down and now I rarely receive any at all, though 1 or 2 do appear each week.

Try setting the sender to IGNORE SENDER and then see what happens....

  The Spires 16:44 29 Oct 03

obi wan, sorry, I probably didn't read your original post correctly.

  obi wan 11:35 30 Oct 03

Twenty five new ones waiting for me this morning. Its getting beyond a joke. I may have to change my e-mail address. I add each one to the Junk Senders list but they still keep coming.
Thanks, anyway, for the previous responses.

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