Multiple screens, HELP!!!

  01goodwina 00:03 25 Feb 09

Ok, so I would like to run 2 screens. So I get a dual monitor video card right?

But I need 3 minimum. I use Firefox, IE and media resources and I like to keep things separate.

I read somewhere that you get software with all of these cards but can I run 2 dual monitor video cards on the same PC or do I have to get a quad card? Will the software on the 2 x dual cards conflict and how do they work?

Surely using a splitter VGA cable will only clone the signal?

Also I have a Philips 42 flat screen LCD for my main monitor and was hoping to use 2 or 3 15" monitors for other general things. Now, the Philips has 3 VGA sockets on it, 1 for an input, 1 RS232 (looks like any other VGA to me!) a VGA output that clones to go to another screen and 2 red and 2 white VGA connections that are RCA holes (really confused now!) It has a yellow RCA that my X Box plays sound through but I can’t get it to play visual.

I know this is a list of a million questions and goes on for a while but I really don’t understand most of it so any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance.


  Bazz2000 00:15 25 Feb 09

Hello, just to be sure, have you got 2 video cards configured with SLI. As most cards will not support multiple monitots on SLI

  01goodwina 00:19 25 Feb 09

im new to all this so not sure what SLI is, i have a standard video card in at the moment, i have my main screen connected and a clone comming from that.

my computer takes PCI if thats any help?

thats for a fast responce.

  Bazz2000 00:22 25 Feb 09

Ah I see, SLI is when you have 2 video cards installed in the pc. If you could answer these questions for me I should be able to solve it.
What is the exact make and model of your video card?
Exactly how are they both connected?

  01goodwina 00:31 25 Feb 09

standard VGA to my Main monitor.

then standard VGA to a VGA-DVI adaptor to my clone monitor from my main screen.

my video card is standard an its an AND Sempron campaq presario computer with XP it says on the facia 'graphics by ATI radeon xpress 200'

  Bazz2000 00:41 25 Feb 09

Basically, for every port on the video card that you have (most newer ones have 3, vga, dvi and svideo) you can plug a monitor. If you want more than 3 monitors attached it can be done with more than 1 card but it really takes some configuring.
Ive come across these which you might want to look into. click here

  01goodwina 00:49 25 Feb 09

ah great thanks, particually the gamer TV box. i think maybe because my monitor is only a monitor not a TV it dosnt like it maybe...

i only have 1 outlet so can only use 1 TV/Monitor for now but when i get either a dual or quad card it should be ok. thanks for your help. i can consider this officially resolved!

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