Multiple adaptor Internet & LAN configuration.

  GBennitt 11:10 25 Oct 10

I have wired & wireless adaptors in my PC, the wired adaptor allows me to connect to my internal network & the wireless allows me to connect to a wi-fi internet connection. Whenever I'm connected to the wired connection despite being connected to my wireless internet connection I'm unable to access the internet, probably because Windows XP is prioritising the wired connection for the internet. If I disable the wired adaptor I get access to the internet but obviously no LAN connectio. My question is, how can I have both adaptors functioning but have my LAN working via the wired adaptor & the internet from the wireless adaptor?

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  mgmcc 12:14 25 Oct 10

It is possible that both networks are operating in the same Subnet and that's causing IP addressing conflicts. If both are using "192.168" subnets make sure that the third octet (number) of the IP addresses is different in each network. The router's DHCP server will determine the addresses for the wireless "internet" network, so manually configure the wired network with a different third octet.

Alternatively, give your "wired" network something like addresses between and

  GBennitt 12:53 25 Oct 10

The wireless adaptor is connecting to the BTOpenZone network & is assigned a completely different IP & Subnet to my LAN. It seems to me that Windows XP is prioritising the wired connection for internet access when I need it to prioritise the wireless connection. Is there any way of configuring Windows XP to do this?

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  mgmcc 13:09 25 Oct 10

>>> The wireless adaptor is connecting to the
>>> BTOpenZone network & is assigned a completely
>>> different IP & Subnet to my LAN

That is irrelevant, because that's the WAN. You still have two LANs which need to be in separate subnets, though I cannot see the merit in having internet access via one adapter and accessing your local network via a second adapter. The computers are already "networked" through their wireless connection to the router.

  GBennitt 13:13 25 Oct 10

The reason is because my usual internet connection that is accessed via the wired LAN is down at the moment. I'm trying to restore some kind of internet connection (via BTOpenZone) but also retain my LAN accessability.

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  GBennitt 21:07 25 Oct 10

I worked out the answer. For anyone in the same predicament the answer is to set the Primary DNS Server of the LAN adpator (wired adaptor in my case) to the IP of the WAN adaptor (wi-fi in my case). I initially made the mistake of also setting the Gateway of the LAN adaptor to that of the WAN IP as well which didn't work.

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