Multiple accounts on one email client

  Jdoki 16:29 08 Sep 05


I'm trying to find an email client which supports multiple pop3 accounts, or a simple and preferrably free solution.

The scenario is:
One PC in house... Multiple people using it. I only want to install one email client, but would like each persons account (Inbox, Sent items etc) to only appear when the specific person logs in to the client.

Anyone know of a solution...

  01chris 16:47 08 Sep 05

cant you just make more identities on outlook express?

  Sibbo 16:48 08 Sep 05

Why not just use Outlook or Outlook Express? You only have to select switch identity to change between accounts, and each account can be password protected.

  DieSse 19:26 08 Sep 05

Or use web-mail - then there is no prospect of users ever getting access to each others accounts.

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