Multimedia Laptop Remote Control

  Chirag 00:51 15 Jul 07

Hello. I bought my new laptop from ALDI back in March, here are its specs, Medion MD98200 Multimedia Notebook with RF Remote Control and TV Tuner, laptop mouse and carry bag. Dual Core 120gb 1gb ddr ram 256mb graphics shared.

I have a slight problem with the remote control. I tested it out today for the first time but it doesnt seem to work. There is no response from the laptop no matter what buttons I press on the remote control. Please can someone assist me. Thank you very much.

  Chirag 01:01 15 Jul 07

Oh and I forgot to mention it is Windows Vista Home Premium.

  ambra4 01:26 15 Jul 07

Have you used the tv tuner before if not see if you have to enable the system to work,

I take it that you put battery's into the remote control

  acxxxx 01:37 15 Jul 07

I know this sound’s simple, but first check the remote control(is it that, that’s not working or is it the computer)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:51 15 Jul 07

In the TV program (Power Cinema?)
You need to set the remote channel in the program and on the remote itself.

  Chirag 16:53 15 Jul 07

Hello, yes I have put batteries on the remote control however I am not sure I have put it correctly. It uses CR 2025 lithium batteries and the manual says to place it corresponding with the polarity shown on the remote control where I have to place the battery. On the back of the remote it says + TOP in the battery compartment. Do I place the + facing the + or the - facing the +?

I have tried the TV Tuner it works perfectly with Windows Media Center. The only problem is this remote control. Many thanks for your help.

  Chirag 19:21 15 Jul 07

I hope my last post wasnt too confusing. I meant to say that there is 1 CR 2025 lithium battery slot which says +TOP on it. Do I place the + side of the battery on the slot or the - side? I have tried the wireless remote settings in control panel but when I press any buttons on the remote nothing happens.

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