Multicast capable wifi router

  Ultmatenewbie 08 Oct 12

I run an Allen & Heath digital mixer. The iDr32 mixrack sits on the stage and has a 2 port Ethernet switch on board, which allows the device to be controlled with a PC. If you then add a WiFi router then you can have wireless remote control from a laptop. Allen & Heath also sell an app for iPad to do the same. I have this working quite well although I am receiving no metering data from the Mixrack. Allen & Heath say this is probably because my router does not support multicasting. They list some routers which are recommended, but the list is rather out of date. I am trying to find a suitable dual band router with decent range on both bands. I would prefer a cable type, but since it will not be connected to the internet, it isn't important. When I Google "Multicast capable wifi router" all that comes up is a lot of stuff about video streaming. None of the manufacturers seem to list if their product supports multicasting. I understand that multicasting is usually used for video streaming, but in my case it seems to be a requirement to speed up data between the iPad and the Mixrack. Apparently some users of similar systems have encountered problems with multiple smartphone users in the audience seeking WiFi connections. The solution to this is to use 5GHz band, and switch off the SSID. Some have also found it best to use MAC filtering for security.

Can anyone out there offer some advice and recommend a dual band wifi router with decent speed and range with multicasting capability? Also the ability to attach external antennae might be useful, oh and not too expensive please :-)


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