multi partition or several?

  AVIDA 05:40 29 Aug 03

I run w98se - win 2k pro - win xp pro, each on their own partition.have no problem with any, only
drawback having to enter some apps. in each o.s.
question, I've read that its possible to install each o.s. in one partion.are there any drawbacks ?.
posses partition magic v8 quite prepared to fdisk and format if necessary.
any advice,please

  Terrahawk 06:06 29 Aug 03

you wouldnt be able to run them on the same partition firstly win2k is ntfs file system win 98 fat32 even if the operating systems were of the same file system it would not be possible as the second installed O/S would overright the first and possibly cause a lot problems

  Terrahawk 06:10 29 Aug 03

sorry should have added if you have partition magic this has an option on it to set partitions for O/S instalation but you will need a seperate partition for each O/S

  Paranoid Android 07:16 29 Aug 03

You could try using HyperOS which does something like what you want, but I have no experience of using it.


  AVIDA 07:35 29 Aug 03

many thanks Terrahawk and Paranoid Android
obvious misunderstanding on my part.

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