OUSCA 10:13 19 Aug 05

I have a few "Multi Burst" pictures on my SONY DSC-P150 DIGITAL CAMERA. I do not know how to select the shots for printing as when uploaded to my computer / web printing service site, the files come as multi framed thumbnails that are not actually decipherable... pls someone help.

  johnnyrocker 12:07 19 Aug 05

can you not store them in a folder on pc then select view at the top and select as pics then print the ones you want or have i misunderstood you?


  hssutton 12:16 19 Aug 05

johnnyrocker suggestion would appear to be the obvious way. Or am i also misunderstanding you?

  Thalmus 12:37 19 Aug 05

You could try loading your multi imagine into an application like paint. Then cut out the image you want and paste it into a new file.

  goffer23 14:38 19 Aug 05

What file format are they in (eg jpeg?) or is it a movie clip such as avi?

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