Is a legit site?

  arahman 03 Oct 12

I was looking to buy a windows 7 licence and would like to know if is a legit site. There is no UK contact and the prices are too good to be true, also if you look through some terms they sound like they're foreign. Please Help.

  Lazarus The 2nd 03 Oct 12

There is (1) no UK contact and the prices are too good to be true, (2) also if you look through some terms they sound like they're foreign.

This Click here will explain (1) & (2),

If something is too good to be true, It ain't..

  arahman 03 Oct 12

So it isn't a legit site?

Like Lazarus said... I'd stay well clear of it.

  arahman 03 Oct 12

Thanks for your advice, can you tell me where would be the cheapest for a windows 7 licence? I need to install it on a mac

  lotvic 03 Oct 12

The scam is they sell a valid product key, but it is the same key they sell over and over again. Even if you managed to activate at first, eventually it fails authentication as Microsoft catch up with too many on the same licence and ban the key and you get the 'Not genuine - contact Microsoft' message.

Here is a site you can trust for information and the official Microsoft Ditigal River Download urls should you wish to burn your own DVD

The cheapest licence is to buy an OEM Version from Amazon

  arahman 04 Oct 12

Thanks lotvic, I might get the home premium. is there anywhere cheaper than that and do you think it's going any cheaper as windows 8 is coming out?

  lotvic 04 Oct 12

You could download W7 and use it for 120 days for free while you make your mind up about W8.

  Mr Mistoffelees 04 Oct 12

MSwares's "" web suffix is misleading, the site is based in China.

Look at this:

  arahman 04 Oct 12

Thanks guys, i think i'll stick to W7 as i can't get used to the W8's tablet style interface.

  blueskyabove 10 Nov 12

I bought OUtlook from this lot and it worked but I decided that, on reflection, it was seriously dodgy. I cancelled the card I used for the purchase (the bank sent me a new one) and I have since bought a fully legitimate copy. I've lost around £40 but I'm glad I did what I did because I now see that this site has disappeared from the web. I would strongly suggest that anyone who has bought from them contact their bank and terminate the card they used.


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