aboutit 20:21 15 Nov 04

I have BT Broadband and use msn for my mail plus outlook express. I have a Tiscali account name and I can receive my tiscali mail in O.E. is there anyway I can send mail via my tiscali name with my BT Broadband connection or do I hav to connect to Tiscali via pay as you go?

  Technotiger 21:11 15 Nov 04

Hi, as you use msn I assume you have a hotmail
address as well. Discard Tiscali and use this
click here for your e-mails, easy to setup with msn. I too had Tiscali before BTBB,
I discarded and have had no problems.

  john-232317 21:16 15 Nov 04

Click the arrow to the side of sender, and all your accounts should drop down, select which one you want to send from....

  john-232317 21:18 15 Nov 04

Sorry should be from not sender, dropdown bar.

  aboutit 12:36 16 Nov 04

Thanks for advice but when I click on an internet link O.E. opens and I want (sometimes) to use my Tiscali email address. Is there anyway I can do this whilst connected to BT Broadband

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