MSN refuses to accpt log in

  SparkyJack 15:29 PM 07 Jul 13

One the flock preferrs MSN and is an avid user. However she was intrested in trying Firefox, gave it a go- decided to go back to MSN only to find the login page comes but will not allow her in. Firefox has been uninstalled an pro tm following an onscreen advice has disabled Win firewall' Still no joy though

any ideas?

  SparkyJack 07:15 AM 08 Jul 13

Thnk you Hockie Iam not familiar with all the variation- dont use M/S sruff myself I eventually took the machine home and trawled through the welter of C--p software that had been dowloaded and got to work with Revo uninstaller- that not only sped up the machine seemingly but resoved the MSN issue it now logs on OK and also allows her Incredimail to run- another funny she loves.

The one possible issue remaining I am running the machine on my Infinty fibre connection

How it will perform when returned to the home copper, is a wait and see.


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