MSN prob

  JasonH 12:03 12 Jun 04

So here's the deal:

I install MSN Messenger 6.2 onto a Windows XP pro machine. It's set up to log in when I dial onto the web. The little panel pops up informing me that I have 10 new hotmails.So far so good. So I click on the hyperlink and hotmail opens displaying my new far still so good. However, when click on one of the new emails OR the 'MAIL' tab in hotmail I get bailed out to the log in screen (in hotmail)...??

Previously, I have used Windows Messenger with the MSN Messenger 4.7 Add-in.

The weird thing is this:

When I use a browser other than IE (such as Firebird or Mozilla) I can log into hotmail and view, delete emails as normal!!

The problem seems to exist only in IE!!!

Have also tried deleting all cookies and trying again etc...

I've tried uninstalling MSN Messenger 6.2 and re-installing the 4.7 Add-in but the preoblem still persists!!

any assistance would be gretfully receive!

Thanks in advance


  SANTOS7 12:08 12 Jun 04

click here not aufait with msn but this may help

  JasonH 12:50 12 Jun 04

Thanks for the link Santos7!

I'm wondering could this be a registry problem...?

Some key related to IE possibly...?


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