MSN Messenger v7 Build 777 FINAL - Show Music?!

  GibsonSt19 11:38 11 Apr 05

Hi all, when I was running the BETA version of the above, it would always show what music I was playing (whether it was WinAmp or iTunes I was using), however now that I've installed the final version, this feature just doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that I'm playing music.

Any ideas?

The help stuff says I need to make sure that the MSN Plugin is activated, however none of my players have this listed, and I never had to do this before :(


  Yoda Knight 11:46 11 Apr 05

Did you previously have Mess with Messenger installed ?

  GibsonSt19 11:49 11 Apr 05

I don't think so.

No, in fact, I didn't.

  Rhuddlan 12:07 11 Apr 05

So has the final version of msn messenger 7.0 now been released?

  Yoda Knight 12:12 11 Apr 05

I dont know how you were doing it previously, mine didnt do it by default. Mess with Messenger has a function that allows this - google for it.

WARNING: DO NOT install the sponsor software or you will be back for more help !!!! ;)

  GibsonSt19 12:12 11 Apr 05

Go get it tiger...

click here

Servers might be busy though

  GibsonSt19 12:24 11 Apr 05

Right, downloaded and applied all the relevan stuff in Mess with Messenger, however song details still not displayed, and yes, I do have the option turned on in Messenger.

  Yoda Knight 12:27 11 Apr 05

it doesnt just turn on by itself - i'll have a look tonite 4 u

  mike1967 18:14 11 Apr 05

Think it only shows it when using media player

  GibsonSt19 18:17 11 Apr 05

No, on the BETA builds it worked with WinAmp, MediaPlayer and iTunes, which is my default player.

  Rhuddlan 22:17 11 Apr 05

When trying to use the handwriting feature on msn messenger a message appears saying that some software needs installing after installing windows jounral viewer and an update to it, a message appears saying, a security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a computer running windows journal viewer 1.5 and gain complete control over it. What's this all about, we are asked to download this software in order to use a feature of msn messenger and then we are told we could be at risk of our computer being taken over by a hacker from who know's where in the world, can anyone help?

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