MSN Messenger POP UPs

  DRiM 16:49 21 Aug 03

When I log onto the INternet, MSN Messnger comes alive and pops up three little pop ups giving me information I do not want.

This has only happened since I installed XP.

Can I stop it happening, better still, can I get rid of Messenger altogether as I have never had a use for it?


  Q-Bie 16:58 21 Aug 03

Are you sure its MSN messenger?

It might be the Messenger Service, its in NT, 2000 and XP and is used to send administrative alerts across networks. Some unscrupulous individuals decided to use this as a spamming mechanism.

Heres how you disable it:

Right click on My Computer
Select Manage
Select Services and Applications, Services
Right click "Messenger", Select Properties
Set Startup Type to "Disabled", and also click the "Stop" button.

That will turn it off and will stop it from auto starting when you load windows!

  DRiM 17:13 21 Aug 03

Where is 'Manage Select Services'? I can't see it


  DRiM 17:16 21 Aug 03

I found it, did everything, just have to see if that has done the trick.



  Busy 17:17 21 Aug 03

Right click My Computer-select MANAGE-then services etc.seems to work well.

  DRiM 18:03 21 Aug 03

I think that has sorted it, thanks

  DRiM 20:03 21 Aug 03

NO, its not sorted! I have put a new thread on the message board. You're right it is Windows Messenger.

  broggs 21:30 21 Aug 03
  Jester2K II 21:40 21 Aug 03

click here - Stop Messenger Spam

  jz 21:47 21 Aug 03

Windows messenger appeared for me too today. The funny thing is that I downloaded the "Shoot the Messenger" programme from click here a couple of weeks ago, and used it to disable Windows Messenger. I ran it again a few minutes ago, and it said "Messenger Service Safely Disabled". I don't know if it's linked, but I got about 5 virus emails (Your details, etc) today. I didn't look at the attachments, and an AVG scan (19/8/03) update says my PC is virus free.

  Jester2K II 21:51 21 Aug 03

Nope!! Messenger Service Spam has NOTHING to do with e-mail viruses or spam.

Not related - most likely a normal popup ad.

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