MSN Messenger Plus Any Good?

  astra46 00:48 24 Feb 06

Your view please?

A mate just told me about this.

  Madscot_uk 01:00 24 Feb 06

It adds functions such as auto-messages & personalised status options + a few other things...but i believe that it comes with the option to install a sponsor program, if you choose it then it installs spyware...i belive there is an old thread on the subject somewhere!

That said i have used msgplus (without the sponsor prog) with no problems

  Chegs ®™ 03:51 24 Feb 06

I've used MSG+ for several years with no problems,but whatever you do,definitely no sponsor installs or you will comeback after a few hours and find all manner of nasties trying to pass themselves onto your contacts(its not that bright a nasty either,as it tries to send itself to everyone all at once)I only found its presense due to a longish column of my contacts listed as "not responding"

  Fateful Shadow 09:30 24 Feb 06

I used to use it, but it was only really effective if the person/people you talk to has MSG+ too. Personally, I thought there was a bit too much to mess around with. I'm fine with a chat window that you can talk to others in and occasionally nudge them :P

But that's my opinion anyway. There's no harm in giving it a go, as long as you follow the above advice and DO NOT install any sponsor programs...

Hope this helps :)

  MESH Support 09:44 24 Feb 06

Nudges are a feature of MSN itself, they weren't added by plus and only a few features require the other person to have it installed, mostly on the emote side which I personally would prefer to do without.

The ability to rename friends from the random names they choose is the best feature for me.

"I walk these lonely roads" becomes "Phil"
"Banana spoon window" becomes "Mike"

Such a welcome feature :)

In addition to this though, I have a proxy at home that is on 24/7 with msn running an answer service provided by msgplus.

I'm sure there are other features to the software but the ones I use are more than enough for me to want to use it.

Unfortunately for the author, after having a bad experience with one of their first sponsors, I too recommend opting out of the sponser program.


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