MSN messenger is installe don XP Pro but won't run

  Hitman codename 47 16:23 23 Mar 03

Have got XP Pro installed

Went to the MSN website and download the MSN Messenger 5.0 for XP. Pressed the open button and downloaded it. Then agreed to the installation licence part. It is then in my start - programs part.

I click on it but nothing happens. It wont appear in my msconfig part, and all the services are on automatic.

Has anyone any ideas what has gone wrong.

I know it is installed but no msn window will appear or anything.

  A Pound of Sausages 16:59 23 Mar 03

"Windows Messenger" is installed as standard on either version of XP. You don't need "MSN Messenger"

Check to see if that is on your pc.

  spikeychris 17:02 23 Mar 03

Type this into run

C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Start Menu\Programs

Replace the yourname section above with..well your name.

Is MSN there? will it run if you double click it? whats it say in properties?

I don't use it so I'm looking in the dark


  hugh-265156 17:36 23 Mar 03

msn messenger click here and messenger click here are two different things are they not?

  hugh-265156 17:40 23 Mar 03

you will need a .net passport click here if you have done this try reinstall.

  Hitman codename 47 18:16 23 Mar 03

ive got an msn passport and all that stuff.

I literally cant get the program to open b4 i even can select it to log on.

I tried a reinstall but no luck.

any other ideas.

After i i agree to the license then it kind of disappears. It is in the programs folder but none of it works.

  jimv7 18:24 23 Mar 03

I think that messenger 5 is for 98 and me versions, messenger 4.7 is on my xp os and works fine, it advises of any available updates, so I think that you have the wrong version and it will not install.

And as A Pound of Sausages states, use what is in xp, any updates needed, it will aks you.

  Hitman codename 47 18:30 23 Mar 03

just gone here

click here

i will see what happens

got v4.7

  powerless 18:31 23 Mar 03

You can use both versions of messenger along side each other with no trouble.

Hitman codename 47 - Download MSN again but this time choose "Save". Then click the file once its downloaded.

Both versions do the samething.

  Hitman codename 47 18:36 23 Mar 03


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