MSN Messenger 6.1 TCP Ports??

  Cooter 14:51 10 Feb 04

Hi all, when transfering files over my MSN Messenger I get a message that confirms that my file transfer is a some what slow process and to increase the speed its telling me to open as many TCP Ports as possible between 6891 and 6900. I have heard of these but cannot remember where and how or even what they are! Any ideas. Thanx alot.

  Cooter 13:09 13 Feb 04

I assume this was a really stupid question!?!

  Audeal 13:24 13 Feb 04

This sounds very fishy to me. Opening ports is not advisable. I can't see how opening ports can speed up your computer, or file transfer. It could be a hacker trying to get you to open your ports so he can get into your system. My advice is to ignore it. If I am wrong then I am sure someone will correct me.

Perhaps you could supply us with a bit more information regarding your system.

What O/S do you use, what sort of connection do you have to the internet, do you have a firewall?

Anything that may be relevant.

  Cooter 13:26 13 Feb 04

Thanx for the info Audeal, though it is an actual official looking MSN help/advice page that is telling me to do this, just doesnt tell me how.

  Cooter 13:29 13 Feb 04

No problem Goldeneagle, I use Broadband which is up to speed on everything else and I assume I have a firewall on my Norton 2004. Would the firewall effect file transfer over a messenger then?

  Gemma 13:30 13 Feb 04

For file transfer both incoming and outgoing TCP connections use this range of ports: 6891 to 6900. This allows up to 10 simultaneous file transfers per sender. If you open only Port 6891, users will be able to do only one file transfer at a time.
If you are attempting multiple file transfers with only 6891 available, they will be queued.

MSN Messenger will open 6891 (if you have a firewall then you will have given permission). If the others are closed by the firewall you face the restiction.

Voice traffic uses UDP on 6901.

A firewall can be used to block or allow access to certain port numbers.

I'm sure that somebody else on here, who uses Norton, will be able to tell you how to open extra ports.

As Audeal says though, this does sound a little fishy. Where did you see the info about opening extra ports?

  Cooter 15:17 13 Feb 04

well in the words of the great delboy, "bloody hell rodney"!! Well i am grateful for the tips and advice but i will agree with Audeal and leave it alone. Thanx again

  Cooter 15:19 13 Feb 04

or maybe not! thanx for the links bela, interesting

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