MSN Log Files

  lin_ 16:45 16 Feb 05

Is it possible to save MSN typed messages with Windows 98SE like it is in XP, all messages in XP are stored, I have looked to see if I can find such a file and can't, in XP the file is called MSN Chat log

  BH34 16:53 16 Feb 05

Have you got a tick in message history it will tell you where it is stored

  lin_ 17:03 16 Feb 05

What I mean is on the C drive

  BH34 18:20 16 Feb 05

it will be in C:\Documents and Settings

  lin_ 21:59 16 Feb 05

Folder empty

  PSF 23:12 16 Feb 05

If you use messenger plus click here it adds a new dropdown menu to the messenger window. Just click on the 'plus' menu and more options appear. One of the options is to open log files. It is easier than searching the hard drive for them.

  LinuxPenguin 23:18 16 Feb 05

DO NOT USE MESSENGER PLUS! it is spyware, even if you choose not to install it, it still installs LOP (C2 Media) which causes many nasty side effects.

msn chat logs are in my documents/my chat logs

if you cant find them then msn isnt set to save, or youve changed the location of save files

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