ponytail 14:46 PM 02 Mar 13

Since I changed to a laptop I have not used what I think is called MSN maybe wrong.I was a program where you could just so to speak chat online not sure if that is it's name does anyone know also Skype have not used that for some time either and although I can still log in it seems different unless it is me were you not able to chat using your webcam I am sure I was any advise appreciated.

  Ventad 15:02 PM 02 Mar 13

Yes MSN is the right terminology, Microsoft has now purchased SKYPE and will be closing the messenger service (MSN) down over the next month, if you log into MSN you will see the message "A new version of messenger is available get it now" click on "get it now" and skype will be updated and you will have all your contacts moved over to skype, you will then be able to log into skype with your skype login or MSN login with MSN login all your contacts are present but with skype login only skype contacts.

  ponytail 17:06 PM 02 Mar 13

Hi Ventad Do I sign in in the normal way and will I be able to chat on line as I used to do and if so how do I go about Thanks

  Ventad 20:22 PM 02 Mar 13

Yes on Skype just click on your contact if the person is online and choose video call . if they are online there is a green splotch with a tick in it


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