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  Kaacee 19:24 28 Sep 03

I am trying to help my brother who is having a problem sending e-mail from Hotmail...apparently when he composes an e-mail and then hits the "send" button,he gets a message saying "your current session is timed out"and the mail cannot be sent.Has anyone any ideas as to what the problem is.I have looked on MSN help page but it does not cover this.I rarely use Hotmail so am unable to assist him in solving this problem.

  hugh-265156 20:08 28 Sep 03
  musicbassman 20:15 28 Sep 03

Sounds as if your brother is composing his mail on line, and his internet connection on his computer is set to switch off if it's idle for more than a certain length of time e.g.15 minutes or whatever its set to. Then when he sends his mail, he gets the 'timed out' message.
He needs to either reset how long his internet connection can be idle before it turns itself of, or, easier (and cheaper on phone bills if he's on dial up), get into the habit of composing his messages in Word and then going on line and pasting the finished message from Word into the Hotmail composition window, and then sending.I use Hotmail regularly and always use this method.

  Kaacee 20:33 28 Sep 03

Many thanks for your response,after speaking to him on the 'phone and getting a bit more detail,it transpires he is composing his e-mail's whilst on line and as you said ,he is being timed out.Pointed out the error of his ways and sent him your note to re-enforce it.

Thanks again and also thanks to huggy71 for your help.

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