MSN Hacked

  Sean.f 02:27 17 May 09

My Daughter let one of her School friends know her MSN password, and like children do they have had a falling out, this ex- friend of hers has decided it would be fun to use my daughters msn. She has removed and blocked all my daughters contacts and added hers (the exfriend) and other contacts. she was unable to change the password, so I have changed it and she no longer can do any harm. Now it is blatantly obvious who has done this, but is there away to trace it back the IP?

  rdave13 06:15 17 May 09

I really wouldn't bother to try to do something about this. It's children having a 'falling out' and maybe in a few weeks time they'll be pals again. Your daughter will have learnt a very valuable lesson about passwords after this and thankfully it was only MSN.

  Sean.f 06:45 17 May 09

No they wont be friends again, since the falling out the other girl has been bulling my daughter and we have had to get the school involved and the schools getting the police liaison officer involved so I'm not going to leave it.

  rdave13 06:53 17 May 09

Sorry to hear it's turning out so badly.Hopefully the school and police will sort it out for you.

  Sean.f 07:22 17 May 09

he he spot the end of night shift typo..
Well I would just like to be able to prove it is the person we know it is.

  Sean.f 19:02 17 May 09


  Technotiger 19:34 17 May 09

I am only guessing, but I would expect that the 'Authorities' are able to do this, but not an ordinary member of the public.

  Sean.f 19:48 17 May 09

If you recieve an email then you can find the ip and then trace that to the isp. So what I'm unsure of is if msn logs the IP addresses used when the user logs in. I have once traced an abusive email back to the senders MSP he thought he was safe hiding behind his server.

  phono 19:54 17 May 09

I would say you can be assured that MSN will have a record of the information you require but they will not give that information to you, the police would be a different matter though.

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