msn hacked

  stephen0205 19:02 21 Sep 05

i was on msn and i was suddenly kicked off i went to login and it wouldnt so i emailed then to find my password had been changged when i logged in sertian things had been changed the my pal phoned and said it was him and it was a joke so does anyone know any software i can use to hack msn accounts

  mattyc_92 19:04 21 Sep 05

I don't think that many user's of this forum will help you with this, as in theory, "hacking an msn account" (even for a prank) can be against "data protection act" and various other things.

But you never know.....

  Magic Hobo 19:06 21 Sep 05

this type of software on this forum as it is illegal to try to 'hack' peoples email accounts. Don't post anything like this again please.

  Magic Hobo 19:10 21 Sep 05

bit mean there but mattyc_92 explains it alot nicer than me ;o). He probably didn't use any software at all anyway, he probably just looked at your secret question and answered it correctly.

  stalion 19:10 21 Sep 05

with a pal like that you do not need enemies

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