MSN 'Get the best MSN names here' Hijackthis Log.

  Ronyap 21:06 27 May 06

Hi, (this is a bit long, but I hope u have the patience =D )

My brother is young and he has recently clicked on one of those links in MSN from a friend that has already been affected where it says something like:

'Get the best MSN screennames on this site: click here'

I do not know if I have got the virus, but it doesnt look like it. Can someone give me some information on these links that spread? Do they instantly activate Viruses on your PC if you click on it? Or do you have to click on more stuff for it to activate viruses or spyware?

I have done a Hijackthis Log. Do Hijackthis Logs identify Viruses as well?

I have put the Log into 'click here' and found that there is no unsafe stuff except for one which is 'unecessary' which I have found out is the McAfee Toolbar. So, if this Log is correct, it doesnt seem that I have caught a virus from the link. ??

Any help appreciated. thanks

PS. I couldnt fit the hijackthis Log here as it says it is over the limit :S

  VoG II 21:18 27 May 06

On-line HJT checkers are pants. Post it on the MWR forum click here

  Ronyap 21:34 06 Jun 06

Thanks, Im making great use of it. =)

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