MSN Explorer. How do I change the homepage

  cdb 21:00 15 Apr 05

To as it's set at at the moment because the version I installed was obviously an American one :S

Failing that where can I get a UK version of it from.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 15 Apr 05

Tools -internet options- type in - click use current button.

  cdb 21:16 15 Apr 05

That will only work for internet explorer tho, not msn explorer. :(

Ta anyway.

  cdb 17:06 16 Apr 05


  VoG II 18:19 16 Apr 05


My Settings

Show All Settings

Change your personal profile information

Change country to United Kingdom.

  cdb 18:28 16 Apr 05

I tried that, but it's already set at UK
Thanks anyway.

I think the easiest option maybe to install a UK version over the top of this one. :S

  brambles 18:38 16 Apr 05

Why not go to this web page & click in top right hand corner 'Make this my home page'


  cdb 19:12 16 Apr 05

Just tried that and it set the Internet explorer homepage as Not my MSN explorer home page to it. :( .
Thanks anyway

  Technotiger 19:24 16 Apr 05

Hi, as I am sure you are already aware, you can change the layout, you can change the content - but you can not change/have a different home-page.


  cdb 20:22 16 Apr 05

That's what I was thinking, which is why I also asked for a place to download the UK version from as everytime I download it, it seems to be an american version. :S

  Technotiger 20:24 16 Apr 05

I don't think there is any significant difference - msn IS American.

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