MSI P965 Neo-F and BIOS IDE etc Drive options

  Audio~~Chip 13:13 17 Dec 08


In the BIOS Set-up for this motherboard I have the following listed. Can someone please see if their is anything out of place as I think PIO Mode should be disabled with new drives and also UDMA should be enabled. Which or what is correct, listed options below.

IDE HDD Block Mode = Disabled
PCI IDE Busmaster = Enabled
IDE Primary Master PIO Mode = Auto
IDE Primary Slave PIO Mode = Auto
IDE Primary Master UDMA = Disabled
IDE Primary Slave UDMA = Disabled
On-Chip Secondary PCI IDE = Enabled
IDE Secondary Master PIO = Auto
IDE Secondary Slave PIO = Auto
IDE Secondary Master UDMA = Disabled
IDE Secondary Slave = Disabled

Personally I would have thought that Any PIO Modes should be Disabled
And also I would have thought UDMA be Enabled this is why I am asking

Thanks for all replies

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:34 17 Dec 08

Set PIO and UMDA to Auto or enabled

If there is problems reading drives the UMDA will drop from levels 5 to 1 and then into PIO mode.

If PIO mode is disabled then if drive errors occur dropping the UDMA mode you won't beable to access the drive.

  Audio~~Chip 14:48 17 Dec 08

Went to try and install XP Pro on new Seagate SATA HDD and connected to the 1nd SATA port of a block of x4 their is a other SATA Connector but this is the Micro Raid controller which I am not using

Motherboard was at first a pain with problem doing the memory count, but after clearing the BIOS and setting BIOS Defualts sorted it.

When going to intstall XP Pro SP2 genuine CD, it loads all the windows files, then goes onto Starting windows as in the next stage for install or R etc but pauses total on loading windows.

Will diconnect the FDD which I had problems with.

My friend is a little desperate now for this machine repair, but I still don't give in.

M/board is a MSI P965 Neo-F v1.1 & BIOS Rev 1.5

Intel D 920 3.2GHz with a 2GB Crucial DDRII 800 memory kit fitted 1GB in DIMM 1 and 1GB fitted in DIMM 3

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ also for your call.

  Audio~~Chip 16:13 17 Dec 08

Back to square one. Please also see
click here

I did what Fruit Bat /\0/\ advised and he's often right and I agreed what he said but, tried agian to XP Pro SP2 installed got half way into the actuall set-up after putting in name and Prod ID key and got BSOD 0x000000F4 error.

Tracked this down which pointed towards System memory or VGA Memory error. Changed over from ATI PCI-express to Nvidia PCi Express, then back to the original problem of the delay on boot with a slow memory count. Changed memory with new replacement 2GB kit of Crucial DDR667MHz and still memory count a problem.

Would anyone think its either a duff M/Board or the M/Board is in need of a BIOS update.

Getting frustrated.

  Audio~~Chip 21:42 17 Dec 08

I spoke to Crucial and they also sugest BIOS upgrade. They did manage to help me get XP installed by fitting 1GB DDR then when XP was on fitting second 1GB. They like I originally thought from original post re-memory count which is a pain to update the BIOS

Last time I tried to with this machine use the Floppy for running MemTest or HDD diagnostic Boot from a FDD was not possible. So I will fit a different FDD.

I must say Crucial support are EXCEL-ent and also waiting on the phone while install XP Pro. Also not to mention all at PCA forum member are also EXCEL-ent.

So still working on the problem. I am doubtfull of the stabilty of the machine, and think before the end of the night I will attempt the BIOS update if I can get access to the FDD under windows.

  Audio~~Chip 21:52 17 Dec 08

Does anyone happen to know if BIOS by name Phoenix & Award are both the Same as in BIOS called Phoenix Award ?

  Audio~~Chip 23:35 17 Dec 08

starting new post.

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