msi 6577 030

Have been given an HP a219 base unit, 256memory, 40 gig hd and radeon 9500 card. There is no processor box says it had a celeron 2.2. HP web site says it has an MSI 6577 030 mobo but not clear as to what processors it will take. E-buyer has some P4 2.8 Northwoods for sale at £53. Would this be a good buy?

  rodriguez 13:44 25 Nov 06

click here for the specification of your motherboard. I think as long as the CPU is Socket 478 and has 400/533 MHz FSB it should fit. If this is the processor you mean (click here) then it should be ok.

Thanks rodriguez. Those links confirm that i wiil be o.k. with that processor.

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