rawprawn 13:49 06 Jan 06

My MSGTAG doesn't seem to be working and I can't open their Home page. Anyone else having problems?

  Skyver 13:57 06 Jan 06

Working fine here, using this URL click here.
I know that's not very helpful, but at least you know the site itself is working.

  rawprawn 14:01 06 Jan 06

Thanks, but I am still getting the error page on your link. I am a at a bit of a loss. Everything else seems to be working fine and ZA is not blocking it as far as I can tell.

  Skyver 14:04 06 Jan 06

Can you ping the IP address successfully?

  rawprawn 14:24 06 Jan 06

Just got in using the IP Address, but I still can't open the page in IE or Firefox using click here

  Skyver 14:26 06 Jan 06

DNS server problem then. Something wrong at the ISP's end. Can you exchange your primary and secondary DNS server addresses in network config?

  rawprawn 14:32 06 Jan 06

Had a look, but I don't know how. I only installed ethernet just before Christmas so I'm a bit green.

  rawprawn 14:34 06 Jan 06

They are all set to obtain DNS Servers auto.

  Skyver 14:35 06 Jan 06

It involves lots of open that/click this and may not solve the problem. try a command prompt and `tracert >ip address<` then `tracert >URL<, if the latter stalls at your ISP's dns server you will have to wait until they sort the problem, or look up alternative DNS server addresses.

  rawprawn 14:40 06 Jan 06

Thanks I will give it a go.

  rawprawn 14:49 06 Jan 06

Yes I think it must be Tiscali. trace ip address was Ok, but trace click here failed. I got this response

over maximum of 30 hops

1< ms <1ms <1ms localhost []

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