MSE definition updates.

  mooly 11:56 17 Jun 10

Noticed that Windows update hasn't offered anything newer than 1.83.1887.0 which is now showing as two days old.

Anyone else noticed this ?

Even a manual check for updates brings nothing newer.

  birdface 12:03 17 Jun 10

Nope got that one yesterday none today.
I have noticed every one of them is in your Windows update although it does not show in add remove.
So I would imagine anyone using MSE from the start will have a huge download of updates in Windows Update.
I have security set not to download any updates unless I check them first.
They just install it whether wanted or not.

  birdface 12:08 17 Jun 10

I think you have had it since the first day.
Try a manual download of windows updates.
Then view update history and you will see them all.
I am just wondering whether to dump it or not.

  Woolwell 16:38 17 Jun 10

Had to fire up my laptop to check. 2 days old too.

I don't think that they are treated like Windows Updates in that they are not in the download file location. I suspect that the latest definition overwrites the previous and the list in Windows Update is simply a list. I am fairly sure that when I installed MSE I only downloaded the latest definition.

  mooly 17:02 17 Jun 10

There is a problem,
click here

Buteman, yep there is a long list in WU... one for each day.
Thanks for the link... I'm interested to see how MSE behaves so I might hold out until tomorrow.
A casual user up to now wouldn't notice anything amiss... MSE still has the green tick showing.

The download method changed a few months back... updates originally were not offered via WU. When a quick daily scan occurred it would then check and download, and that drew a lot of critisism as if the scan wasn't set or missed the updates never got installed.
So now it's on WU as well, and if you check your WU screen on the PC the update when operating normally shows as an "optional" update. Come the daily scan time the update is installed, if the scan time is missed, PC not on then etc then the next time you power up it installs it silently anyway. (I have WU to notify only by the way)
It's been great up to now, and I wouldn't thing of changing for anything else.

  Woolwell 17:10 17 Jun 10

It is rather worrying. I have MSE on my son's PC and he wouldn't notice anything amiss. If nothing by tomorrow I will have to change his program.

  mooly 17:32 17 Jun 10

The question I keep asking now is whether the last update has somehow frozen MSE... so does some more drastic emergency fix have to be applied (via WU) or is it really just a server issue and the latest definitions are not showing on there, and that it will soon get fixed.

You could always try the manual update via butemans link... it would be interesting to see if folk that update manually then start to get normal auto updates.

MSE has been pretty good up to now, so I'd keep faith for now, I'm sure it will get sorted one way or another.

  onthelimit 17:57 17 Jun 10

Hmmm, interesting. My update page says that virus and spyware definitions haven't been updated lately, and that I should blah blah. But clicking update has no effect. Must be a problem their end, of some sort.

  mooly 18:44 17 Jun 10

It is, have a read at Rob Koch's reply, probably around 30 posts down at a guess.
click here

  onthelimit 19:56 17 Jun 10

I'll just sit it out (and be careful where I go!).

  birdface 20:38 17 Jun 10

Updated mine from moolys first click here. Update now showing as

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