iarno 13:00 14 Nov 09

I run two computers both have XP home 2. I'm going to get rid of AGV 8.5 and put on MSE. Microsoft say you should take off any antivirus and malware programs first.
I have on 1 pc:- A-squared, Ad-aware, malwarebytes, and Superantispyware.
The other pc has A-squared, SpywareBlaster, Spybot-Search & Destroy.
My question is which of these do I take off befor I download MSE.
Thanks in advance.


  Ventad 13:05 14 Nov 09

Usual thing to do is download to desk top come off line get rid of the anti virus etc then load the download from your desktop. Get it running then go back on line, update the items that you downloaded and carry on as normal

  acein1 13:08 14 Nov 09

i run "mse" on windows vista, with malwarebites,superantspyware, spywareblaster,spywareguard,winpatrol,so as far as i can see you just need to uninstall avg,and also i use windows firewall, if you are using windows defender,dont worry about it "mse" disables this automatically

  Sea Urchin 13:13 14 Nov 09

As acein1 says you only need to remove AVG - all the others are fine to stay.

  iarno 13:14 14 Nov 09

ventad, thanks for advise. I will download to desktop as you suggest but how many of the other progs do I uninstall. cheers.


  iarno 13:17 14 Nov 09

Thanks to other suggestions Will give it a try later. Will let you know how it goes.


  Ventad 13:20 14 Nov 09

I am not running MSE I would go with Sea Urchin & acein1 with their advice. I have just advised you what to do when changing AntiVirus Progs.

  iarno 13:25 14 Nov 09

cheers ventad thank you I understand.


  iarno 16:38 14 Nov 09

have done the install of MSE. Left all other progs just got rid of AVG.
so far all ok and MSE running in background. Will tick resolved, but will come back if any probs appear.
Thanks to all.


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