tinny76 13:24 08 Jun 03

anyone know if i change msconfig, on the startup tab, will this have repurcussions, or does this just refer to what is loaded into RAM at startup, ie will everything be as it normally is? I know that sounds a bit cryptic but my question is if i change ms config startup options and untick certain things will these things still work at a later date when i click on them and want to use them.
not much info there i know but some general info that anyone has got or would like to point me in the direction of would be great. thankyou in anticipation

  powerless 13:30 08 Jun 03

Any unticked items in the startup, will make prgrams simply not load when windows start.

Thats all it does.

You can use all the programs as if they were ticked to start. Unticking a program in startup will not effect how it will run afterwards...

Anything your unsure of unticking compare what you have with click here

If you have AV and firewall do not untick the related ticks to these programs.

  BBez 13:31 08 Jun 03

only uncheck anything you are sure you don't need. If you do cause a failure, press F8 when booting, select safe mode from the drop down and re-enable them, then restart

  Willow12 13:31 08 Jun 03

If you are just talking about software, downloaded or installed that likes to launch at startup but doesn't need to then no, there won't be any problems. I myself have 4 or 5 programs that previously launched at start up that I didn't want to. I just switched them off through misconfig and use them as and when. The programs themselfs are not affected.

Be carefull what you select though and only go for ones that you recognise.

  jazzypop 13:32 08 Jun 03

Ticking and unticking an item changes a Registry value to allow an item to run (or not). It does not delete or in any other way touch the original file, it simply changes the 'enable / disable' value in the Registry.

For more information about what should (and shouldn't) be launched at startup, see click here

  tinny76 13:40 08 Jun 03

thanks for the input i shall peruse at my leisure.
Just an afterthought but would any items prevent me from connecting to internet.
cheers tin

  tinny76 13:40 08 Jun 03

thanks for the input i shall peruse at my leisure.
Just an afterthought but would any items prevent me from connecting to internet.
cheers tin

  Willow12 13:57 08 Jun 03

Using the links supplied by Powerless and jazzypop (although they are the same site) check everthing listed on your start up. If in any doubt then leave it in, we are only talking about a few seconds saved here anyway.

I have just checked all of mine and removed an additional 1/2 dozen items. There was nothing listed, even including the ones I left alone, which dealt with Intenet access. So you should be O.K. Just don't uncheck everything, but even if you do make a mistake you can always go back and re-tick the program.

  barrie_g 14:01 08 Jun 03

Or you may do the same thing by typing regedt in run, then go to H_key_local_machine/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current version/run

and you can pretty much remove anything that you dont want to run on startup from there.

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