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  Brock100 16:29 06 Oct 04

I have a play in a MS Word 2000 v5 doc and want to print out all the caricters parts individualy.
Is there a way to do this easily or am I going to copy and past each line into a new doc and print that.

all help gratefully received thanks in advance

  OwenLotts 16:32 06 Oct 04

Sounds difficult!

Not being funny - doesn't each person need their own lines and those of the others so they know their own ques? If each person only had their own lines how would they know when its their turn to speak? Or have i missing something?

  Diemmess 16:42 06 Oct 04

Have you prefixed each character's line with a name or code?

Edit > Find will then take you to each place for the search character, but then you are going to have to cut and paste.

There must be better ways but I would make a copy of the Master file and tinker with that.

You could then open two Word windows side by side. One would be the sacrificial "master" and the other one, a character's own, named after their part.

Scroll down through the play, highlight that chosen character's lines (block by block), then drag and drop into the separate document.

Eventually the "original" is going to look a bit skeletal. You can always save things as they are when you want a break. That is why I suggest you start with a copy which can be saved at any time and depleted state.

To make any sense you will have to follow each character through to the end before starting on the next, i.e. unless you have a ginormous screen and can spread more than two readable word documents on it at once

  dave h 17:59 06 Oct 04

Use Diemmess' methyod, but first, open the 'Play' document and use 'Save as' and name the file 'Play 1.

Use 'Play 1' to cut all the parts from, then, when you have done all the cutting you need and saved the various parts, you can discard 'Play 1' and still have the original 'Play' safe.

  Brock100 20:22 06 Oct 04

thanks to all

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