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  hawthorn59 02:43 25 May 05


I am trying to copy text from a Word document, and paste it into a field in MS Database but with no success. I keep getting this:


I formatted the field as "text" but that doesnt help. I can copy and paste from another database ok but not from Word. Is it possuble?


  Graham ® 08:42 25 May 05

Does this help? click here

  skeletal 13:14 25 May 05

I cannot see anything in your "picture" (maybe my IE is blocking a link or something) so this is a guess. Also I am making the assumption that MS Database is similar to Access.

You say you are trying to cut and paste text into a text field. Do you mean a text field?

In Access a text field is limited in size and even a moderate few paragraphs in Word will not fit. You need to check sizes and, if you can do this in MS Database, change the field type to "memo" which can hold far more info than "text".


  wee eddie 15:42 25 May 05

Then copy the bit again. You may be able to Paste that in.

The reason, if it works, is that Word is not part of Works and is in an incompatible file format

  pj123 16:02 25 May 05

Well, I have tried all sorts of ways to do what you are trying. There doesn't seem to be any way to do it other than physically typing in the text.

  hawthorn59 17:45 25 May 05

Yes it seems that Word is not compatible at all with Works, EVEN THOUGH what I have is MS Works Suite 2005, which actually contains MS Word. Looks like I'll just have to type it in!


  Graham ® 17:51 25 May 05

Try the workaround in click here

  skeletal 19:30 25 May 05

If it is a Word/Database format problem, try cutting/pasting saving files etc in notepad. When you have the text in notepad, try copying over to MS Database.


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