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  heezy45 10:30 14 Feb 08

hi guys,
Hope you can help me with this one right Microsoft word.

Name Mary Anne
Sex Female
Date of Birth 4/5/95
Address P.o.Box Sc 21
Residence Tema, Comm Nine
Tel 020 52547484
Religion Christian
Marital Status Single

i have been using the 'backspace' and the 'space' button to make the ones on the right straight but it some seems a little out of way.if u can help kindly do that for me right now please.

thank you guys very much.

  johnnyrocker 10:32 14 Feb 08

set the margins.


  Totally-braindead 10:34 14 Feb 08

"but it some seems a little out of way". Sorry but what does that mean?

It looks fine to me. Are you saying that in Word it looks different, perhaps the beginning of the lines don't match up?

  skeletal 11:02 14 Feb 08

I think you mean you want “Mary”, “Female”, “4/5/95” etc. to all line up. I think you are trying to put a lot of spaces between, for example, “Name” and “Mary” so that “Mary” is aligned with “4/5/95”.

This is a poor way of doing this as they will not align properly; they will be a bit out depending on the font you are using.

The way to do it is to Tab between the first words (like “Name”, “Sex” etc.) and the second (like “Mary”, “Female” etc.).

If you aren’t familiar with the Tab key it should be on the left hand side of the keyboard above the “Caps Lock” key and may say “Tab” or show two arrows.

I suggest you try inserting two Tabs to start with, but to get the effect you want you may need more.

For even greater precision, you can alter the tab positions by going into Format/Tabs/and changing the Tab stop position.


  Taff™ 11:13 14 Feb 08

Better still try using a table which is guaranteed to line everything up exactly on the page. Are you trying to create some sort of database or a directory?

  DieSse 11:43 14 Feb 08

Tabs is definately the answer for Word.

However if what you are doing is lists of names etc - then try Excel instead.

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