MS Word 2007 Won't Start

  kinger 23:29 11 Jul 08

I've been using Office 2007 since it came out and applied all updates.

Now MS Word won't open anything until you try many times, eventually, it opens the file.

The message 'MS Word 2007 has stopped working' appears and it checks for a solution but never finds one and just closes.

All other office applications are fine, it's just Word.

Does anyone know what can be causing this behaviour?

I am using Vista with all necessary updates installed.

Any help appreciated.


  kinger 15:25 02 Aug 08

Although this problem seemed to have cleared itself for a couple of weeks, it's now returned in all its glory.

Does anyone one know what could be causing this?

Thanks. K!

  Ditch999 15:44 02 Aug 08

Might be a corrupt file which stores the default template for your blank pages. If you locate the one in your user account you can delete it and when you restart Word it will create it.

  VoG II 15:49 02 Aug 08

For Word 2007 you should also look for normal.dotm

  kinger 17:11 02 Aug 08

OK will check this guys.

It happens when I double click on an existing file too, so I'll see if it affects this.

  kinger 17:32 02 Aug 08

Have deleted both and normal.dotm ... so far so good.

I have opened all sorts of Word files and they are opening OK.

Just to be sure, I'm rebooting the computer and will try again. Fingers crossed.

  kinger 18:20 02 Aug 08

but it still won't start until I retry upteen times.

I'm looking for something deeper here, I feel.

Any help appreciated.


  VoG II 18:23 02 Aug 08

Once you get it to open try clicking the Office button (top left), Word Options > Resources > run Microsoft Office Diagnostics. You may be asked for your Office CD.

  kinger 19:38 02 Aug 08

That didn't find any issues but thanks for the advice ... could be useful in future.

Still looking for the answer here.

  VoG II 20:58 02 Aug 08

This is getting a bit drastic but you could uninstall Office 2007, run ccleaner to remove the dross left over then re-install.

You may want to wait for alternative suggestions before trying this.

  Ditch999 21:28 02 Aug 08

Possible corrupt font?
If the font you use, say Calibri, has been corrupted, Windows will try to substitute it for a similar one but this could explain the delay in opening files then the crashing.
If you know what font you used to create all your documents you could delete it from the font folder then reinstall it. (make sure you have it somewhere else before you delete it!)

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