MS Windows XP media provided by PC supplier

  spareribs 19:52 25 Oct 04

Planning to buy a new pc and concerned that the supplier may not provide a proper OS disc from which I can install at any time. Have heard the supplier may provide a recovery disc, or partition, which does not seem so good and leaves me dependent on the supplier. Advice on this please, is it something to be concerned about, perhaps to affect the buying decision?

  Mozarella 21:57 25 Oct 04

If you ever have to use the recovery disc your PC goes back to original settings, which I understand to mean you lose your own loaded programs. If I`m wrong you`ll soon have an anser.

  Completealias 00:48 26 Oct 04

Some manufacturers supply you with an xp disc most don't.

What you usually get is recovery cds that contain an image of the hard drive at the point when you purchase the pc.

If you ever need to use them it will set the pc back to day one ie which ever os is installed and any software that was bundled in.

Using a recovery cd method means that you can only reinstall your system to the setup that the manufacturer determined.

  Rogerfredo 10:20 26 Oct 04

If you cannot get the proper XP disc with the new PC, make sure you backup using an Image system like Drive Image 7, preferably to a CD or a second hard drive, when you get all your programs loaded and working.

  spareribs 16:28 26 Oct 04

Thanks .. Am informed (by Evesham) I shall get a full installation disc, not original, manufactured by them under licence. Yr input appreciated, my impression being that otherwise any recovery disc provided would only allow recovery to an initial state defined by the pc supplier i.e excluding some features in WXP for ever that customer may need.

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