MS Updates constantly?

  rickf 06 Apr 13

Hi, I have been getting Security updates for MS NET. Framework4 all the time these last 3 days. Every time I updated and shut down there would be 2 more when I next used the laptop. OS Win7 and IE10. I recently installed Flixster to download a movie using the voucher code which was provided with the DVD. Has this got anything to do with it or is this quite normal? I have since uninstalled Flixster but the saga continues. Seems I am spending my life updating. Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks

  onthelimit1 06 Apr 13

Check in Update History. It may be that the update is failing to install, the system then tries to download it again ad infinitum. If that is the case, I'd just blank that one update from downloading.

  Secret-Squirrel 06 Apr 13

While you're in the "View update history" section you're likely to see numerous failed updates that have occurred during the last three days. If you do then double click on one to view the full details and report back the update code (Which starts with "KB") and its failure code.

With that info someone may be able to suggest a fix.

  rickf 06 Apr 13

I have just done a repair of MS Framework4 Client Profile as advised on website of MS Community Forum. Will feed back if everything is ok. I have just noticed next to the shut down button there are 2 more updates. Will installed these and see what happens. Thanks for quick responses.

  rickf 06 Apr 13

It didn't work. Still keep getting non-stop updates. I may well just save my important data and reinstall wins7. Fed up with it.

  rdave13 07 Apr 13

Try going to control panel and uninstall all instances of dot Net. Make sure that windows update is configured to don't download but notify. Start from the highest Framework version to the lowest. Reboot when asked and carry on. Once all the dot net framework is uninstalled reboot again and run Ccleaner's reg cleaner. Reboot then check Microsoft update is still set to your options of installing updates.

Update ,say, two or three at a time. Will take a bit of time but better than a new install I think.

  rdave13 07 Apr 13

Framework not showing in prog&features in 8 so check that out first in 7. Mine is in windows features.

Not good.

  rickf 07 Apr 13

Thanks rdave13. Will give that a try this week. Preparing for work so no time now. Will feedback.


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