MS PowerPoint won't record narration

  Amalric I 16:38 12 Jun 06

When I go to record narrations and click on Set Microphone Level it says "Ppwerpiont is not reveiving sound from the microphone...Try... in control panel double-click Multimedia...on audio tab check the recording settings..." and "on the Language bar click the microphone button toturn off speech recognition.

Trouble is there is no Multimedia on my contol panel and I don't know where to find thelanguage bar.

BTW: If I just go ahead and speak into the mic anyway, no sound comes back except a low rumble.

I tried to switch to Open Office Impress but there doesn't seem to be any provision for recording narration.

Also, when I go to Device Manager it says the Multimedia Controller driver is not installed. When I say Reinstall it says cannot find. I have searched for driver on the Internet but with this limited description it can't be found. Could this be the problem? Anyway I would like to get the driver anyway. My machine is an Auss sPresso with the sound on the motherboard.

  GaT7 19:36 12 Jun 06

If you're using WinXP, the recording settings will be found in Control Panel > Sounds And Audio Devices > Audio (tab) > Sound recording > Volume (button).

The Multimedia Controller driver problem may be corrected by installing/reinstalling the latest Realtek audio drivers - similar problem solved here click here. Visit your motherboard website or download them direct from Realtek click here & install. G

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