MS Office Pro 2007 Beta2 disk

  Brambley 16:42 17 Jun 06

Received my PC Advisor with Office Beta disk today and note that it says, in RED, across the top 'Full version works until Feb 2007'. What I would like to know is - what happens in February? Do I have to buy a new version then - or does it self-distruct?

The write up on page 48-49 says I can only save new docs in XML formats - but does not explain what this format is and how it differs from Office 2003 format.

As I am currently about to start the 6th chapter of my PhD thesis I am loathe to change horses mid-stream - but I am very much tempted by the new Word 2007 and think that it could improve presentation and make footnotes so much easier.

Anyone got advice please?

  VoG II 16:47 17 Jun 06

If I were you I would steer well clear of this.

It is a BETA which you should never run with mission critical computers or data. A PhD thesis strikes me as pretty mission critical!

  Jackcoms 16:52 17 Jun 06

It's self-destructs and also wipes all info from your HDD (Word, Excel, e-mails, etc).

In fact, it will be so completely destroyed that, not only will you have to purchase a new copy of Office, but your PC/laptop will also need replacing.

Apart from that, I agree entirely with VoG™. ;-)

  Brambley 17:09 17 Jun 06

Thanks for your reply VoG, I think I half-expected that advice really, boring old commonsense says I ought to wait and finish my work first, oh did sound tempting!

How about the questions though? - would still like to know the answers.

  VoG II 17:12 17 Jun 06

You may find answers if you click here

  VoG II 17:14 17 Jun 06
  Brambley 17:23 17 Jun 06

Thank you very much Jackcoms!!! I don't think my supervisor would be very pleased about that (if it were true). :-)

  Brambley 17:32 17 Jun 06

Thanks very much indeed for the 'click here'links. Will confess now....
I downloaded the Office Beta from one of these sites about a week ago and after it had finished downloading I got a message from my dear old PC asking me if I really wanted to run the thing as it was not AUTHORIZED! At that point I chickened out and went back to the restore point I had made just prior to downloading.
Perhaps I had a lucky escape, but will certainly be up for the new Office as soon as I have finished my thesis. 'Bye now.

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