MS Exchange rights

  sbur 13:12 21 Jul 06

I need to give users full mailbox rights. But i don't want them to be able to have access to delete mails. I have tried to just untick the delete permissions box but as i have to give them full mailbox rights this does not take effect

  silverous 13:26 21 Jul 06

I have a feeling you can't. It is a relatively unusual request, can I ask why you'd want to do this?


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  sbur 13:31 21 Jul 06

I need users to be able to do everything they would be able to do with mails as if they had full access. But i want to prevent them from being able to delete any mails in that account. Only one user needs this access

  silverous 15:08 21 Jul 06

Oh I see, so its not like the mailbox owner needs to not have delete - it is another user?

Can't you go via Outlook (while connected to the particular mailbox - for example "info account") and set permissions that way on the top-level "Outlook today" and just set that specific user (e.g. "Jim") up and untick the "delete items" permission?

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