MS-DOS mode


How to start win XP in MS-DOS mode?

Thank you all

  Gemma 10:25 31 May 04

Use F8 to boot in safe mode. Chose "Safe Mode with Command Prompt option". You will be given the console screen with a prompt.

  keith-236785 10:25 31 May 04

win xp does not have or use DOS so i dont think you will be able to enter XP from DOS.

you used to type

win at the command prompt C:>

ie. C:> win + press enter

you can give it a try if you want but i dont hold much hope.

  Peverelli 10:39 31 May 04


Follow Gemma's suggestion to start up in DOS.

  dagwoood 12:52 31 May 04

You can get a system with xp on to boot up into ms dos. You need a floppy disc.

Insert the floppy in its drive, go to my computer on the start menu, right click the icon for your floppy drive, select format. You then have an option to create a MS DOS start up disk. Make sure you set your BIOS to boot up to the floppy first and then insert the floppy and boot your system up.


  Eric10 14:03 31 May 04

boss2003, If you can tell us what you need to do that requires DOS mode then we can perhaps be more helpful. The problem is that Windows XP doesn't have DOS but it does have a DOS emulation in the form of the Command box. If you press F8 while starting the computer then you can get to a command prompt in the Recovery Console, as indicated, but this still isn't DOS. If you boot from a MS-DOS bootable floppy then you are truely in DOS but you don't have XP available and if your hard drive is formated as NTFS then you won't be able to access your files from there. With a little more information we can determine what will work best for you.

  Curio 14:03 31 May 04

Another way in is
Start, Run, type cmd and Click Enter

  cream. 14:27 31 May 04

I wonder, are you trying to install windows X\P. Are you getting windows X\P cannot start in msdos mode?

If this is so. restart the computer and keep tapping the delete button. Enter advanced cmos settings and change your first boot to cdrom. Press the F10 key to save and exit settings. Now put your X\P cdrom in the drive as it reboots. Just follow the prompts.

  keith-236785 17:58 31 May 04

dagwoood, Peverelli, Curio

what i meant was that WINDOWS XP DOES NOT HAVE DOS.....

dos is available from a floppy disk, command prompt is a dos emulator as stated by Eric10.

i actually read the question to mean boss2003 wanted to restart the computer FROM the dos prompt, not restart in dos mode.

i still stand by what i said, but Gemma & Eric10 have the answer.

true DOS is achieved using a windows98/me/DOS startup disk (floppy), but not xp.

either way, i think you have your answer.

  Curio 18:45 31 May 04

paperman 27
I appreciate XP has a DOS emulator. The way I read the original post was Boss 2003 wanted to do something like msconfig or memcheck or similar and just wanted to know how to get to the Cmd prompt to do those things

  Peverelli 11:51 01 Jun 04

Maybe boss2003 will come back and let us know ;-)

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