MS-DOS Bootable CD?

  Gaz W 17:04 17 Oct 03

I need to create a bootable DOS CD for a PC without a floppy drive. I am using Windows XP Pro and Nero 5.5.

I know you can create a bootable CD using Nero, but I don't know how I am going to get DOS to boot from it. Will I need an old Windows CD (e.g. 95/98?)

  Terrahawk 17:26 17 Oct 03

try here click here

  seedie 17:29 17 Oct 03

You need to tell the BIOS to boot from the CDRom as the first boot device.

To create a bootable CDRom in Nero you wil need a bootable floppy so nero can copy from it

  pj123 17:46 17 Oct 03

You might be able to get a bootable CD from this site at click here

  Gaz W 11:26 18 Oct 03

Thanks for your replies.

This site was down yesterday I think so I couldn't get on. I know about setting the BIOS, and it has been set like this for a while because I have been installing/uninstalling Windows on that machine. Unfortunately I couldn't get the program from to work (it said Not Responding). Luckily I was just down here typing and found a Windows 98SE boot disk which should do the job.

How do I transfer this to the CD-ROM and make it bootable? I know that on a disk you have to format the disk and it puts certain files into a different section of the disk. This probably isn't possible with CDs, so how does it recognise which program to run?

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