cytometry 16:59 03 Jan 09

My brother has a very old Olivetti PC which runs DOS based programmes for his job. (Not sure which version of DOS) He has had to relocate and cannot use the old PC. I helped him set up a new PC a couple of years ago and partitioned the hard drive so he had a dual boot running Windows XP or MS-DOS 6.22. He has since told me that although he can install some old programmes they do not run properly. (I am aware that DOS, under Windows XP is not the same as MS-DOS6.22, I was wondering if the same may be true with his Olivetti, which may explain why the programmes do not run correctly under MS-DOS6.22) Clearly he would like to be able to use his very old programmes, does anyone have any experience or knowledge of such a request?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 03 Jan 09

He needs to know which version of DOS the programs run on.

Some old programs run on DOS5 won't run on DOS6.22

  cytometry 17:36 03 Jan 09

Many thanks Fruit Bat.

Your help is appreciated.

Have a Happy New Year.

  Switcher 22:29 03 Jan 09

Have a look at the use of the SETVER command

  MarvintheAndroid 01:33 04 Jan 09

Depending on the program, DOS was very tricky about its use of higher and extended memory. You may need to check the machine's memory configuration supports the program.


  BT 08:33 04 Jan 09

Brings back memories.My first PC was a DOS based Olivetti.

  mocha 09:18 04 Jan 09

Hi cytometry,

This Web site could be a good starting place click here

Good Luck.

  VOT Productions 20:02 04 Jan 09

On Windows XP,Just open the program and it will start.

  cytometry 21:03 31 May 10

We have a LAN with a PC running Win2K. The two other units were also running Win2K and each machine had equal access to each other. Files created on #1 would be accessed by #2 and #3 as needed. No passwords were set. Then #2 was replaced by a new unit running Vista and each time we tried to access files on #1 (Win2K) a logon window popped up although this had not been set. In the meantime we did a work round to get the files. Then #3 was replaced with Vista as well and it could access #1 with no logon. We reimaged #2 (with the disks from #3)and made all the settings identical to #3 but still #2 demanded a user and password. They are all part of the same domain with a range of private static IP addresses assigned. The Win2K logon is Administrator with no password. The Vista systems have been set as Administrator and use the same password to log on. We have tried every permutation possible but without success. We are still using the work around which is not ideal but makes things operational.

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