grumpy-git 10:25 11 May 11

It seems to be a Microsoft file, but had me worried for a moment.

Had just brought the pc out of hibernation, started looking for file on d-drive and noticed a strange folder name. There were about 3 files in it, one of them mrtstub.exe

Did a Norton scan on the folder but got no result, then switched pc off & restarted. The folder no longer exists. Microsoft site suggests it is a malicious software removal tool, and is automtically deleted. Anyway, the folder and files have disappeared now.

Nothing to worry about??


  woodchip 10:29 11 May 11

Copy Paste into your Address bar as Link Icon not working hear

  Graham. 10:34 11 May 11

woodchip link

You have to take www. out.

  woodchip 10:36 11 May 11

Graham. Thanks

  grumpy-git 11:54 11 May 11

I might be a bit on the "slow" side on this, that link is from 2 years ago, is it still an ongoing problem?

I have found MRT.exe in windows/system32 created at 09.49 this morning, so that is a new file.

Is it a Microsoft file or some sort of virus?


  woodchip 11:57 11 May 11

Virus and Malaware Keep reoccurring, at any time

  woodchip 12:01 11 May 11

PS there is a Genuine File that is MRT. But not mrtstub

  woodchip 12:03 11 May 11

MRT should be Upper-case letters not Lower as mrt

  grumpy-git 12:35 11 May 11

MRT was in upper-case looking at my desktop pc. Scanned c & d drives with NIS2011 and no problems found.

I found this on Microsoft site:-

"Q21: I found the Mrtstub.exe file in a randomly named directory on my computer. Is the Mrtstub.exe file a legitimate component of the tool? A21: The tool does use a file that is named Mrtstub.exe for certain operations. If you verify that the file is signed by Microsoft, the file is a legitimate component of the tool."

Just had a look on my laptop & that has mrt.exe (lower-case) in system32 folder.


  grumpy-git 12:42 11 May 11

Something else I have found:-

link text

First time I have added a link, so hope it works!

It refers to mrtstub.exe appearing & disappearing, as it did on my pc.


  Graphicool1 13:36 11 May 11

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