mr darren whiteley

  dwhiteley 31 Jan 13

i would like to get a new monitor but dont no what to get i have ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series iwant maybe a 23 inch one but some say hdmi i have a graphic with a hdmi slot what is used by the tv so confused about this

  Chronos the 2nd 31 Jan 13

Hi, not sure why you gave your name as the problem.,as I believe you are looking for a monitor. It would be useful to know exactly what graphics card you have as there are so many cards in the 4300 to 4500 series. But Do you have a DVI connection on your graphics card? Something like this. and or a VGA, this.

Most modern monitors have several connections to choose from so you should have no difficulty connecting your graphics card (GPU) to the monitor.

  dwhiteley 31 Jan 13

how do i find out what graphic card i got

  Chronos the 2nd 31 Jan 13

1)Download and install CPU-Z.


2)Open up your PC and take it out and have a look.

  lotvic 31 Jan 13

I like the look of that CPU-Z Chronos the 2nd, which is best to download? is it the one at the top of the list '1.62 setup, english' ?

  Chronos the 2nd 31 Jan 13


Unless you can speak Chinese it would probably be best to go for the English

Have a look at their other software while your there.good little company this.

  lotvic 31 Jan 13

Chronus, lol :) what's those 'ROG' G1 and OC' versions then? (I'm thinking if I can't decide then dwhiteley may have problem too)

  Chronos the 2nd 31 Jan 13

ROG. Republic of Gamers edition. ROG is high end and expensive kit.

OC. I would imagine is Over-clock version.

No idea what the other one means.

  lotvic 31 Jan 13

Thanks Chonus, so dwhiteley (and me) want the purple one '1.62 setup, english' or the zip of it. Just wanted to make sure.

  woodchip 31 Jan 13

Why not use your TV

  dwhiteley 01 Feb 13

i did try cpu-z but all it said was 4300/4500 seres


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