MPG calculator

  exdragon 17:08 11 Jan 08

Hi - does anyone have an excel spreadsheet for working out mpg, please? I can find plenty of online ones but would rather have it in excel. All I want to do is to enter the mileage, litres and price.

Either that, or tell me what to divide/multiply what by what!

  Simsy 17:16 11 Jan 08

you want to enter Miles and LITRES and you want to find Miles per GALLON

Is that right?



  Simsy 17:19 11 Jan 08

you can go to;
click here
and save the page as a file.
You can then use this whenever you like instead of Excel.



  Belatucadrus 17:21 11 Jan 08

Assuming A1 is the mileage covered and B1 is the fuel consumption in litres put this function in column C to get MPG :-

  exdragon 18:02 11 Jan 08

Simsy - yes, because although I buy fuel in litres, I understand mpg, and all fuel consumption seems to be quoted in mpg rather than mpl. Thanks for the link, but I want to be able to enter the relvant details each time I fill up. Sad, I know!

Belatucadrus - thanks, I think that's what I thought I meant!

  TonyV 18:53 11 Jan 08

I have an Excel spreadsheet that does the mpg for me as well as totalling the costs of petrol and the average mpg over the period of time that the sheet refers to.
If you would like a copy of that, I will gladly send you a blank copy for you to do with what you will!


  exdragon 21:15 11 Jan 08

Excellent no pun intended!) Many thanks

  Simsy 22:54 11 Jan 08

I've beeing doing it for 30 years, using a little notebook in the car!

And I've got a circular "slide rule" that was given as a freebee with a car magazine about 25 years ago, that works out the MPG. Still going strong.

I'm with you on the litres/mpg thing, it's just that the "modern" way of referring to consumption is littes per 100 Kilometers, and I wanted to make sure you wanted it in the "traditional way!

You seem to have it sorted now!



  TonyV 23:06 11 Jan 08

See your e mail and come back!


  exdragon 08:28 12 Jan 08

Just checked and I've only got the red cross in the square and no 'click here if you want to download the picture' message.

  exdragon 12:47 12 Jan 08

Thanks for doing it again, TonyV, but still no joy.

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