mpeg/avi Glitch

  Embezzler 11:28 17 Apr 03

For awhile my mpeg and avi files have been falling out of sync, sounds wise and glitches happen through out them. I know i must have a faultly file/codec somewhere but where? I've uninstalled them and reinstalled them but at no success.

Would it be advisable to go into Devise Manager and uninstall the codecs under Audio Codec?

  Embezzler 13:43 17 Apr 03

anyway, i tried it and it didn't work... oh well!

  MichelleC 14:58 17 Apr 03

What viewer r u using and what os?

BTW you're not my old accountant r u?

  Embezzler 15:26 17 Apr 03

I use anything... bsplayer, WMP, RealOne.
My OS is XP Home

And i'm sorry to say i'm not your old accountant.

  MichelleC 07:54 18 Apr 03

Are u downloading the files or producing them?

It sounds like your graphics card driver could use an update.

  kuhbler 09:54 18 Apr 03

Are you running them from cd? Copy them onto the harddrive then play them. That may sort out some of the glitches.

  Embezzler 15:27 18 Apr 03

I'm downloading them... TV series... I've already updated my Graphics Card driver but i'm sure there's a conflict between the codecs i've downloaded but i cannot seem to find it!

Plus i'm running them from my hard drive.


  MichelleC 08:36 19 Apr 03

I'm not sure I understand what u mean about the codecs. What ones have u d/loaded and where did u put them?

BTW have you imported the avi's into xp's dv editing prog to view?

  Mr-C 08:43 19 Apr 03

Have you tried reinstalling Direct X. A friend of mine had a similar fault and this sorted it.

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