Mpeg2 to DVD

  maz2 10:19 03 Jun 04

Has anyone any idea how I can convert some MPeg2 files to DVD a friend has put some film on a disc as SVCD and unfortunately it won't play in DVD standalone player I wondered if I convert them so that they would play

  MichelleC 10:42 03 Jun 04

Nero 6 will convert and burn, but are you sure they're mpeg2 as the file would be quite big for svcd (or short film).

  stlucia 12:37 03 Jun 04

If they're MPEG2 files, and if you've got a DVD burner, the latest versions of the mainstream burning softwares such as Nero, Roxio, Sonic MyDVD, etc. will create a DVD for you.

  TomJerry 12:45 03 Jun 04

svcd2dvd click here

  maz2 23:53 03 Jun 04

Thanks for that I had Nero but only the oem version I've now upgraded it and find that I can do it on there Cheers

  maz2 14:19 06 Jun 04

I had a go with the Nero but find I only have success on DVD+ and not DVD- also it takes about 8 hours is this right or is there a faster way to do it

  stalion 14:34 06 Jun 04

what is the spec of your pc? it is the rendering that takes all the time but it should not take more than a couple of hours

  TomJerry 22:58 06 Jun 04

it costs a tenner, but surely your time worth more than that.

  maz2 23:28 06 Jun 04

AMD Duron 1.30Hz 224MB Ram and 80 gig hard drive

  y_not 06:11 07 Jun 04

FYI I recorded 32 minutes at the Motor Show last week - yesterday it took 260 minutes to render (including titles/effects/fades etc.)

My spec Duron 700, 380Mb RAM, 2 x 80Gb HDD's ... and a little programme called Enditall which shuts down all non-essential running programmes while the rendering is going on.

I don't think that that sort of time is too bad?

  maz2 10:24 07 Jun 04

Maybe I'm using the wrong part of Nero, I've just downloaded the newest version and I'm not very clued up on what I should do, I first tried on DVD-r which wouldn't play at all then I tried DVD-vr which was ok but took a long time, can anyone tell me what part of the programme I should be using I must be going wrong somewhere

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