MP3's without breaks between tracks

  Buzzard905 02:37 05 Feb 06

I use Roxio Media Creator 7.5 and I am putting my albums onto MP3 for my car (one disc for an artists album etc.).My problem is that ~I have live albums that when onvert the tracks to MP3 the put them into the file structure I get breaks between the tracks - how do I get round this??

  broggs 03:36 05 Feb 06

use creator classic and clic on will have to experiment with this.I usually use crossfade of about .5 secs and then aply to all.

hi Buzzard905 i have used album wrap a few times to make one single track out of a full disc..the only problem is, its one track so you have to ff it to skip songs..kind regards akanic

  octal 08:46 05 Feb 06

I was reading an article on the net comparing the different formats and I got the impression that it is a problem with the MP3 format, I can't find the article at the moment, but I'll keep looking.
As the others have pointed out and to summarise what the article said, it either decodes as one long track with no indication of track titles, or it puts gaps in where the tracks are and you get the track title but you have to crossfade, that will probably be necessary because you might get a distinct click as the data stream ends and the next one starts, depending on the player, It did go on to mention that the OGG Vorbis format had largely overcome that problem of long mixed tracks, I can't say because I haven't got a recording like that I can try.

MP3 and OGG are very similar, but MP3 is a licensed system whereas OGG is open source but the problem is not every player will accept OGG, yet.
You might want check if your player will accept OGG format as it might get around that problem.

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