Mp3 wont accept files??? Error .

  Tys_mom 17:59 12 Jun 06

My mp3 player will not accept anymore files although it should hold about 500 I'm at 121 and its telling me error copying file or folder. If I delete a song I can add another one. Checked properties and still have a lot of disk space????? Help....I want more music!!!!!!!

  Chris Webster 21:28 12 Jun 06

Have you got your mp3's in seperate folders because I think I once read somewhere that you can only have a certain amount of folders (99 I think) but I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong.

Cheers Chris.

  Tys_mom 23:29 12 Jun 06

I have fooled around with different folders and files on the mp3 nothing shows that I can divide up my music....but while doing this I did discover an option on the mp3 that also shows available memory and it says my memory is at 55% so I see no reason why I cannot download more music???? still waiting for ideas but thanks Chris!!! tys_mom

  Chris Webster 21:41 13 Jun 06

Have you got more than 99 songs per folder?
What make mp3 player have you got?

Cheers Chris.

  Tys_mom 00:33 14 Jun 06

It does not tell me how many songs per folder ...I do not even know if I can divide into folders...The make is Diamond 1BG mp3 Player. Thanks tys_mom

  Chris Webster 21:04 14 Jun 06

Is it a flash memory mp3 player? If so, it should show up as a removable drive in 'My Computer', you can then double click the 'removable drive' icon and see what's on the player plus how many songs you have inside any folders you may have created.

Cheers Chris.

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